Corona rules in Rotterdam: face masks and social distancing

Although the Netherlands did not find it necessary to declare face masks mandatory on a national level, more and more cities in the country are taking restrictive measures to contain the spreading of COVID-19. The Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb, after observing a drastic and rapid increase of COVID-19 cases in the city during the last couple of weeks, has decided to put face masks compulsory in several places in the centre.

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Where do I have to wear a face mask in Rotterdam?

Differently than in other Dutch cities such as The Hague, Rotterdam has implemented the coronavirus rules and wearing a face mask is mandatory in many areas, specifically crowded streets and areas- even when you are riding a bike-, markets and shops.

As per Wednesday 5th August, if you go shopping to one of the following venues in Rotterdam Centre:

  • Lijnbaan;
  • Meent;
  • Nieuwe Binnenweg;
  • Coolsingel;

or to the markets and shops on:

  • Visserijplein;
  • Afrikaanderplein;
  • Binnenrotte

you are required by law to wear a face mask. Moreover, the use of protective face masks is also mandatory in the covered shopping centers Alexandrium and Zuidplein. The Keizerswaard and Binnenhof shopping malls may be added to this list- the decision will be communicated in the coming days by Rotterdam’s mayor Aboutaleb. The requirement goes from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and applies to everyone above 13; children up to 12 years are not required to wear a face mask.

Am I to wear a face mask in the restaurant?

In places where other national measures already apply, such as in restaurants, pubs and catering establishments, wearing a face mask will not be required by law. However, although face masks are not mandatory during the consumption of food and drinks, in Rotterdam such as in the rest of the Netherlands, you are expected to respect the current rules; therefore, social distancing of 1.5 meters is required except in a joint household or in groups of young people under 18.

From 1 July restaurants and catering establishments have no compulsory reservation or triage (questions about health complaints), and, as long as the building space allows visitors to keep 1,5 distance from each other, there are no limitations in the number of guests that can accommodate.

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Can I visit a museum in Rotterdam without a face mask?

In Rotterdam there are no specific restrictions for museum visitors; this means that you are allowed to go to museums, exhibitions, concert halls and theaters without wearing a face mask. You are though required to respect the RIVM indications and make sure to always keep the minimum social distance.

Where else do I need a face mask?

In the Netherlands, non-medical face masks are mandatory on all public transport; thus, in Rotterdam you need a face mask on buses, trains, trams and boats.

There is still no indication from mayor Aboutaleb about how long this project will go on; the pilot is expected to last around 3–4 weeks, after which an evaluation will follow and it will be decided whether Rotterdam citizens will have to wear face masks for longer.

The face mask requirement applies to all public venues in the designated areas, but does not apply to homes, gardens and offices. This obligation does apply though to public gardens and parks.

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😻 Mondkatjes uit Nederland combineert de veiligheid van een mondkapje met de unieke stijl van Italiaanse handgemaakte mode.

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😻 Mondkatjes uit Nederland combineert de veiligheid van een mondkapje met de unieke stijl van Italiaanse handgemaakte mode.

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